Welcome to my personal website! Thank you for visiting, and please come back, because I update this page frequently. This website reflects my research life and the vision. The website also directs you to more resources in the exciting multidisciplinary fields of Flexible and Printable Electronics, Electronic Skin, Robotic Tactile Sensing, and Wearable Electronic Systems.

A summary of my research and vision is given in the videos such as TEDx talk and my research group‘s YouTube Channel. From time to time my research has been highlighted by various media outlets. I plan to add more videos to provide key one-minute excerpts from all my research articles and books. I also plan to share my experience to stimulate discussions and enlighten individuals to new developments and the challenges in my fields of interest. Also, please advise me if you know of a good video showing innovative use of nano/micro/macroelectronics to enable tools that advance research or improve our lives. For example, using micro/nanotechnology to realise tactile skin or soft sensors/electronics for soft robots and prosthetics.

This website is active since Dec 2011.

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