My multidisciplinary research interests include Flexible and Printable Electronics, Electronic Skin, Wearable Electronics, Robotic Tactile Sensing, Micro/Macroelectronics and System Integration. My research style is to enhance understanding of the fundamentals and orient them towards applications – basically, orienting science and technology towards bringing solutions to the society. A summary of my research and vision is given in my TEDx talk given below and the video released recently as part of Scottish Government led campaign – Scotland is Now. More videos and animations are available at my BEST Group‘s YouTube Channel. Some demos on recent research findings are also available of this channel. In short, I am developing high-performance and cost-effective electronics and sensing systems on flexible substrates to enable tools such as electronic skin (also known as tactile skin, smart skin or synthetic skin) with neural computing. E-skin is of burgeoning interest in areas such as robotics, prosthetics, healthcare technologies, and surgical instrumentation. For example, tactile skin enables robots and prosthetic limbs to use the tactile feedback from large contact areas to safely execute various daily tasks. By integrating different types of sensors on flexible substrates, I am also extending the electronic skin concept to many other applications such as environment monitoring and healthcare technologies for early detection and monitoring of chronic diseases. Whilst I am pursuing above goals through individual and collaborative research Projects, I am acutely aware of the needs to consider further relevant approaches. Therefore, I also continue to look for new collaborations. My research has been funded by EPSRC, The Royal Society, The Royal Academy of Engineering and European Commission. My projects specific research is described on the Projects page and the list of institutions I have worked or collaborated with is given on the Collaborations page.